SPECTACLED BEAR Conservation Orca

SPECTACLED BEAR Conservation Orca

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The needle felted products are adorable items for home decoration, Christmas ornaments or as sweet children's toy! They are hand-made from 100% wool. These felt products are made by dry-needle felting, a technique that transforms un-spun wool into sculptured creations, such as animals or birds. Made of pure 100% wool, the felted product has an outer layer of scales, giving its strands a jagged edge. This allows the fibers to become entangled when a barbed needle is repeatedly inserted into the ball of wool. Each product has a small cotton string that can be used to also hang the product.


These beautiful felted ornaments were hand made by indigenous woman participating in The Spectacled Bear Conservation Societies (SBC) alternative livelihood program that helps create sustainable economic opportunities for woman in critical spectacled bear habitat in northwestern Peru.


International development studies have shown that women that receive their own income, health and well-being of their children improves at a much faster rate than when men have sole control of the family’s income. With little or no access to education, however, and few available economic opportunities close to home, the women are entirely reliant on their husbands. By purchasing a needle felted wool product you are helping SBC to protect bear habitat while providing an opportunity for women to earn an income and continue to live a traditional lifestyle and care for their children.

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