TY- Heather the Unicorn Kitty

TY- Heather the Unicorn Kitty

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Sherbet is her favorite treat! Heather wants to share with you! This pastel pretty Wanna B never uses her magic for anything but good. Check out her two different color sparkle eyes and silver horn. She is a sight to see! I was a cat when I was born Then I magically grew a horn, I know that this is not the norm, But now I am a unicorn!

Medium sized unicorn-horned cat Beanie Boo, Pastel-striped plush cat toy with a silver horn, Made with super soft Ty Silk fabric, Sparkly glittery kitty eyes, Textured Super Sparkle accents on her unicat horn, Am I a cat or a unicorn, who knows, do you? 

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